Revenue Cycle Management

Whether you are a substance abuse, mental health, mental health billing treatment program or any healthcare provider, the accounts receivable process is time consuming,, complicated and costly. We have developed strong relationships with the payers, allowing us to maximize collections and ensure payments for all services provided. Our transparent systems are which gives you the ability to make accurate projections of their collections and revenue.


mental health billing

We provide a seamless experience for our clients through:


  • Tracking of all cases to ensure a proper coverage with its payer sources.
  • Consistently follow up on all claims to ensure timely payment and collection.
  • Claims monitored closely from accurate billing submission until payments are received.
  • Work closely with our clients throughout any A/R audits.
  • Census tracking and review.


Medicaid application process simplified:


  • Monitoring of each application from start to finish.
  • Assistance in obtaining documents.
  • Strong relationships with state
  • Each case reviewed and tracked with the Medicaid case worker until approval