Although I’ve only been with Balance HealthCare Services for a short time, I can tell you already that I am PLEASED with their skill set, knowledge and customer service. Their strong analytical capabilities and excellent understanding of data analysis helped proffer solutions that solve our business problems effectively. They exhibited professionalism in all their dealings with our company and ensured our expectations were exceeded throughout the engagement. In addition to helping us get the most out of the data, they helped us figure out the implication of the numbers, which numbers to really focus on, and how to use the analytics to formulate and execute a feasible and continuous optimization strategy. Their commitment to delivering exceptional data analytics in a clear and useful way is unrivaled in the industry.

Mike Brooks


I wanted my business to stand out in an oversaturated market, and the team of marketing experts and strategists at Balance HealthCare Services did just that. They provided me with highly insightful, strategic, and practical recommendations that lead to immediate improvements in my business lead generation activities. I sold more to existing clients, and I was able to identify my target audience and approach new prospects. They demonstrated deep technical knowledge and a clear understanding of my key message, clients, and brand and I was helped to leverage the company’s strength to create a unique brand identity. After just a few months of working with this consulting firm, my company’s Google rankings and overall site traffic improved. Furthermore, my social media traffic has increased significantly, and I have been freed from the burden of managing my social media accounts. It is so liberating!! Today, I have an awesome website and an inbound lead system that really works. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to really make their brand stand out!!!

Bill Reitzel


Our company has been working with these team of financial experts for a while, and I must admit that we have been able to operate our business with accurate and real-time financial data. It is important to have a trusted company to cater for your financial needs especially with the current economic situation globally. We have worked with Balance Healthcare Services as tax advisors and on other financial matters, and they have always delivered accurate and thorough reports promptly. They work hard to find a balance between the need to find capital growth and create income-generating opportunities. The firm’s attention to our company’s specific needs has been insightful and objective. Their investment and financial advice is tailored to our business needs. The quarterly and annual financial report offered has been helpful to our team. We now have a unique insight into our company’s needs; we can set clear goals for the future, appraise performance and focus more on operations.  This has contributed to increased productivity and reduced cost of production.

Andy Carriello